Pastry Shop…..

7 Jan


So as soon as my husband arrived in Italy we headed out to the nearest pastry shop. Well actually it wasn’t the nearest but it is owned by an acquaintance so it is one of the places we like to frequent when we are in Vicenza.

They were so generous and kind to allow me to take a few photographs of their display cases.


I literally could sit all day and just stare at these cakes and treats.

This place is called Pasticceria la Vicentina. Where they specialize in making pastries and cakes and all kinds of goodies. One thing I was amazed at was their yule logs or buche de Noel. I had been seeing some around the internet before I left for vacation. They really intrigue me by their details and the story behind yule logs. So when I saw the ones in the shop I had to have a picture.


I mean look at these logs. I just can’t get over the designs and the flavors that they used here. These particular ones were made with meringue, Nutella, chocolate and whipped cream. YUM!

On this day I had a cappuccino.


And a few other happy treats!

IMG_6478_new IMG_6473_new

I really didn’t eat all of these! I shared! 🙂

IMG_6475_new IMG_6476_new

Can you say YUM!


2 Responses to “Pastry Shop…..”

  1. Nadine:) January 7, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Need some…immediately!!

  2. Faye Elizabeth January 7, 2013 at 11:21 am #

    These look amazing! I love pastry shops, when I go to Greece its the first thing I do go to a pastry shop its very similar to your pictures above, you dribble thinking about all the food lol 🙂 My fav is always baklavas! 🙂 Love your post! Interesting article.

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