Peppermint marshmallows…….or so it seems.

2 Dec


So I dipped my hand into the world of candy making today. It was not easy for me. I read for two days online about how to get these just right. I kept reading review after review about “oh this was so easy to make” blah blah blah. Sarcastic I know. Little did I know that my trusty mixer would not stand up to the test of whipping up these pretty little things. Little did I know at the time as well that I “really do need a candy thermometer”. Never fear oh faithful ones! I shall not be defeated. I will try again and conquer this as well!

I won’t pain you with the recipe at this point. I will leave you with a little memento until next time. Now if I could just get all the marshmallow out of the inside of my mixer!


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